Alexis Maltese is a small hobby kennel located in Sacramento, California. We enjoy exhibiting our dogs in conformation events and occasionally have puppies.

Along with enjoyment we get from our dogs, we also recognize that our journey can't be complete without fulfilling the responsibilities that come along with the fun. We fully support the clubs in whose jurisdictions we reside: California Central Valley Maltese Club Inc. and the American Maltese Association. Both clubs are dedicated to the welfare of the Maltese breed and provide a channel through which Maltese enthusiasts from all walks may connect - from the single pet owner to the top breeders in the world who have helped make the breed what it is today. Both clubs publish a code of ethics by which we strictly abide.

As mentioned above, we do breed on a very small scale. We breed to fill our own needs, and only when we believe a given breeding will yield puppies possessing traits we desire. As much as we'd like, we cannot keep every puppy and as such we do make them available to homes as pets, with limited registrations. We do not announce planned breedings, puppies for sale, prices, or the status of our waiting list on our puppies page because our focus is the enjoyment of the breed and we feel mixing such things detracts from this. If you have interest in bringing a puppy into your home, you may contact us directly.

The AKC publishes its standard for the Maltese breed, and this standard is the absolute definition of what qualities a Maltese dog should possess, but the standard leaves enough variation within its requirements to allow individual breeders to produce dogs with qualities that satisfy preferences while conforming to the breed standard.

The Alexis Look

When we made the decision to establish Alexis Maltese, we also decided that we would do so only if we could start with dogs possessing the qualities we value in the breed, rather than accepting whatever was available. We love the beautiful heads and pristine white coats found on dogs from Asia, and we also believe that structural integrity must not be compromised. As a result, our first girls were imported from Korea - all possessing the signature traits for which Korean dogs are famous. Next, we took steps to solidify the structure of our first Alexis-bred generation breeding our Korean girls with dogs from American lines proven to possess and produce the body shape and structure we seek. We believe that health, temperament, and body structure are the three areas that cannot be compromised - we will continue to breed toward these ideals above all others. In the interest of the health of our dogs (and the breed), we breed strictly within standard (4-7 lbs) and under no circumstances will we ever attempt to create "teacups".

We encourage you to view the pages for our dogs, and take a peek at our puppies page to see some of the puppies we have produced here at Alexis Maltese - the quality of the puppies we produce is our single greatest point of pride. Enjoy our web site and return often as we are still building our pages and plan lots more.

-- Alexis Maltese